• Jason K - Founder & CEO

    With a vision to simplify merchandise management and add more value to the business galaxy for orgs, Jason founded OurOrg.Shop. With years of experience in e-commerce and a passion for helping organizations succeed, Jason is the driving force behind our mission.

  • Sunil K - Chief Design Officer

    The rocketeer with an eye, and infinite skill, for design. Sunil ensures that every organization we work with achieves success with OurOrg.Shop and has optimal designs.

  • 2K LTD - Partner

    2K LTD designs and manufactures out-of-this-world custom merch for bulk orders.

  • SK Concepts - Partner

    SK Concepts designs, builds, and launches beautiful brand asset work including guides, graphics, marketing materials, logos, and more.

  • Rokken Designs - Partner

    Rokken Designs launches perfect bulk orders to the stratosphere for embroidery and garment print.

  • TheClubCRM.io - Partner

    TheClubCRM.io is our CRM partner and also under the KleinHaus, LLC portfolio. They automate many of our business processes, communication, data storage, and more.

Our Story at OurOrg.Shop

OurOrg.Shop was founded on the belief that merchandise management doesn't need to be complex. After observing many orgs struggling with the time, cost, and effort associated with designing, building, managing, or storing merch, we knew there had to be a better way. We set out on a path of mutual growth to make selling orgs' brand merch more simple, easy, better for their end-customers, and more valuable for everyone.

Just as astronauts explore uncharted territories, we embarked on a journey to create a solution that would make managing merchandise as simple as pushing a button. And so, OurOrg.Shop was launched.

Our journey so far has been as exciting as a space expedition. With every organization we help, we learn, grow, and continue to improve our platform and services. We're excited to help more organizations navigate the cosmos of merchandise management and achieve their mission.